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We Got Flow

Nebri helps you create rule based automation for any person, machine or API. You can now manage anything with a bit of scripting. A freakishly different way to program and automate.

  • Flow with Python
  • Auto-spawn UI's
  • Synchronize with any API
  • Hatch nimble workflows
  • A crafty way to connect things
  • Automation for anything
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class inform_dev_of_new_project(NebriOS):
    listens_to = ['project_space_url']

    def check(self):
        return self.project_space_url is not None
            # anytime a project space url gets filled in this fires

    def action(self):
        send_email (self.dev_email,"""
                You have been assigned to the {{new_project}} project.
                Please fill out this form to continue: 

Teams Can Flow

Assuming someone inputs a new project space url - through a form or email - into Nebri, this code fires. It's an easy way to keep the flow going between all the parts, including people.

class high_temp_shutdown(NebriOS):
    listens_to == ['shared.temperature'] 
    def check(self):
        return shared.temperature > 220

    def action(self):
        send_email("", "Temperature Peaked!!!")
            # assuming this is an available call

Sensors & Machines

This rule waits for a temperature change, checks it, and if it's above 220 degrees will fire the shutdown protocol and notify a manager. A SMS or call to others could be easily added also.

class inform_new_trello_member(NebriOS):
    schedule = "0 * * * *"  #hourly cron

        current_trello_members = trello_boards.get_membersInvited(board_id=5)
        trello_boards = TrelloBoards(apikey)
        return shared.trello_members != current_trello_members 

        shared.trello_members{} = trello_boards
        new_member = new_trello_member(share.trello_members)
        send_email(new_member, """
            Please read through the following instructions...

Flow With API's

Here's an example of adding rules to your existing tools. In this instance we are sending more information to new members on a certain Trello board. We could also enact policy rules that might dictate who is allowed to archive cards and who should be warned when they do.